Thursday, December 13, 2012

What's Wrong With Ethnic Hair? and Pokemon Fan Forever

So, I'm just going through all of my old stuff, getting rid of some of it for some money, and I come across some of my old Pokemon memorabilia, which of course includes the cards. Back in the 90's Pokemon was what was hot, and everyone and their momma (Sometimes literally) would be ready to claw your eyes you for a Charizard card. When I think about all of the money that I put into these cards, at first it made me cringe, thinking about how much I wasted on these pieces of card stock with fictional monsters printed on them, but then I stopped and thought about it a bit more.

I was happy with the purchace back then, and although they didn't see a lot of action in terms of playing aganst other people, I avidly collected them, happy to look at them, try and draw each Poke, and read their flavor text. I remembered how my older sister would bring home Pokemon cards from work at Toys R' Us when children would throw the ones they had on the floor, and it delighted me when I found rare cards to show off to my friends. That, in of itself makes it all worth it in my opinion, because it was a very happy part of my childhood, and even now is a bright spot in my otherwise dim life today. Now, I collect Pokemon merchendice, draw pictures of me and my team of Pokemon, make sprites, fakemon, and enjoy the games,with other fans.

I'm also happy to have a boyfriend that shares one of my favorite passions with me, because it makes things a ton less awkward when you're asking for Pokemon figurines for Christmas when he wants the exact same thing! That being said, I'm selling my cards to him, because I need the money, and if they're with him, I know that I'll see them again. Even if we do end up breaking up (Not likely) I'll be alright with it because it will go to another Pokemon fan that will take care of them and treat them like they should be.

One thing that I'm tired of is people saying that you're "too old" to enjoy something, just because its out of the targeted age group for the show or game. I know that My Little Pony fans have lots of problems with this too, because on the surface it looks very childish and colorful, however when I've watched it, I feel that its something that people of all ages can appreciate because its story isn't all rainbows and sunshine all the time; they have real problems to solve in each episodse, and they don't dumb down anything. That, coupled with a large fandom of people making everything from pony art to animations, it has something for everyone.

Same with Pokemon, except the actual concepts in the show can be taken and made into some pretty brutal stuff. I mean, fighting mutant monsters with sometimes seemingly supernatural powers, taking down an organized crime syndicate, and going on a perilous journey with tons of danger around every corner? (Letme tell you, I think I'd die in the first forest, you get stung by a Weedle and forget to stock up on Antidotes? Hah, you can kiss your ass goodbye. xD) This holds especially true in Pokemon Black and White, where they questioned the morality of even owning Pokemon, not just fighting them. (PETA jumped on this chance and made a flash based game aganst animal cruelty called Pokemon Black and Blue. If it weren't so hevily laced with superlimimal propaganda, I would aplaud it for being a pretty well done (If short) flash paradoy of Pokemon) What I think the problem is is that people can get a bit overzealous and run something good into the ground, how much they obsess over it (I'm looking at YOU Gangum Style)

But that's enough about Pokemon. :P

Now, this is some real crap here. A newswoman by the name of Rhonda Lee in Alabama, was fired for responding to a comment on Facebook made by a viewer the way her hair looked. Now, before we start jumping to conclusions on how she's wearing a mohawk and has dyed green, here's a picture of her.


Just a nice, African-American showing off her natural hair, nothing too over the top, right? And before we start jumping to conclusions that she went "nigga bitch" on him, here's what she said:

See? It was a nice, calm, diplomatic message intended to inform and not to put anyone down. Now, first things first, the idiot that wrote the comment's spelling sucks, at the very least use your browser's built in spell-check before you write to a public person like that! Secondly, it was just rude and nasty to say to any woman, nay a person in general that they needed to look a certain way! I can take that maybe he didn't know that African-American hair doesn't grow like other ethnicities, but for real, you're gonna go and tell her that she needed to  "grow some more hair"  and ask wether  that the newstation . It makes me want to go hunt down both the dude who made such a stupid post, and the newstation that fired her, but you know what they say, wrong begets wrong, and bad begets bad, so I sent Rhonda my support on Facebook. I think that its important to put positive in a situation like this instead of negative, so I hope that soon there will be a petition that crops up so that I can sign it and try to help her get some sort of justice.

You can read the whole story here, I hope that this gets enough ground so that somethings done about it, I don't think it was fair in the least how she was treated.