About Me

NamlessTraveler, as she’s known on the web, dubs herself as a “social nomad”, finding new things and well, just living her life to the fullest. She enjoys finding out about new people and is an avid people watcher, to try and figure out why people do the things they do.

She is a 19 year old thinker, or so she thinks. She used to be many things, but she is what she is now. She dabbles in art and blogging as you can see here, and has run quite a few usergroups, online organizations, and forums in her day, all of which she either disbanded, or handed the reigns over to someone else, not because of failure, but because of her drive to keep moving.

She figures this blog will be a slice of life sort of thing that will be updated daily, with post on the weekends being cool how-tos on things she learns in her travels.

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