Friday, October 12, 2012

I Call Upon... My Spirit Pokemon! Spirit Pokemon Challenge!

Hey there everyone, its been awhile, hasn't it?
Well, I've been focusing on not only my job search, but a new blog for work at home opportunities. Its called Work At Home Teens if you're interested! :D

Other than that, its been pretty quiet, reading some religious texts and getting ready for a slew of birthdays that come up this month (Seriously, like 3 of the people I know are having birthdays this month, and I'm broke. xD)

Oh, and guess what? I found my Spirit Pokemon! For people who haven't heard of this meme, here's a detailed what's what here. Long story short, its kind of a spin off from Native American spirit animals, where someone asks for its help (but in this case, they're more for comic relief and not really help at all)

And... My spirit Pokemon is... Snubbul! The crazy thing about this is that before I even knew about the Spirit Pokemon, my bf said that I remind him of a Snubbull! I have all of the qualities of one; I may be offputting at first, but I'm a kind and caring person deep down- but that dosen't mean that I don't know when to bite!

If you'd like to learn what your spirit Pokemon is, you can follow one of the three methods below:

  1. Physical Cards (Preferred): Go to the nearest store where they sell Pokemon cards, like (Walmart or Toys R' Us) and buy a pack, go home and open it. Then out of all the cards you get in that pack, choose the one that is most like you and
  2.  Random Generator: This is the method that I chose (Because I'm poor, like I said.) Go to both generators here and here at the same time, generate nine Pokemon with all Pokemon included (Six on one and three on the other) and choose the ont that most resembles you between them. If both generate the same Pokemon for one, well... Its fate! You're that one for sure. ^_^
  3. Online Quiz: I haven't tried this way, but if you'd rather have something that's less up to chance and more your personality, use this quiz. (Though to me, it'd wouldn't be so special...)
If there's no clear-cut favorite out of the bunch, then look on Bulbapedia to find out more about the attitudes and tendencies of the Pokes. But one thing that I have to stress is to NOT redo any of the methods just because you don't like the Pokemon that you got; if that was the way you do it, you might as well say its your favorite Poke instead of your spirit one; It has to be up to chance. ;)

A little extra part of the challenge is to get the Pokemon in a game that has it, start the game over agan and trade it to your other one, or if you don't want to ruin all your work put all of your other Pokemon in the box, and start playing all over again with it as your lead or in the TCG and base a deck around it.

And if you're thinking that I'm taking this too seriously... I am.
I love things like this, and I've been a Pokemon fan since Gen 1 back in the 90's. xD

Did you find your spirit Pokemon? Well, share it in the comments below! (I'm actually very intrested in what you guys got!)


  1. Did the generator, got umbreon. Then took the Quiz and got umbreon again... THIS MEANS SOMETHING!!!